Name Title & Position Email Academic Background Research Interests & Majors
Jack Hua-Fu Professor(Chairman and Director) crmhfh@ccu.edu.tw Essex University, UK. Ph.D. in sociology Critical Criminology, Penality Analysis, Sociology on Crime and Punishment
Shu-Lung Yang Professor(Vice-Chancellor of CCU, and Director of Crime Research Center) crmsly@ccu.edu.tw State University of New York at Albany, Ph.D. in Criminal Justice. Criminology, Criminal Psychology, Juvenile Delinquency, Violence Research, Drug Addiction Problem
Jui-Lung Cheng Professor crmjlc@ccu.edu.tw University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ph.D. in Social Work Family Violence, Sexual Assault & Sexual Victimization, Assessment & Intervention to Perpetrators of Family Violence & Sexual Offending, Correctional Social work
Jay Min-Chieh Lin Professor crmmcl@ccu.edu.tw Michigan State University, Ph.D. in Criminal justice. MA in Counseling Risk Assessment, Psychological Assessment, and Treatment Programs for Sex Offenders, Intimate Abusers, Psychopathic Offenders.
Cathy Tzu-Shing Chen Professor crmthc@ccu.edu.tw Chuo University, Japan .Ph.D. in Law Criminal Procedure Law, Criminal Law, Victimology, Organized crime, Cyber Crime
Doris C. Chu Professor dorischu@ccu.edu.tw State University of New York at Albany, Ph.D. in Criminal Justice. Juvenile Delinquency, Policing, Comparative Criminal Justice, Corrections, Substance Abuse Treatment, and Criminology.
Mei-Hua Chien Professor crmmhc@ccu.edu.tw New York University, Ph.D. in social Work Long-Term Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Victims, Clinical Social Work
Sheng-Feng Dai Associate Professor crmtsf@ccu.edu.tw Tohoku University, Japan, Ph.D. in Psychology Juvenile Delinquency, Social Psychology, Career Development
Shu-Ping Tzeng Associate Professor crmspt@ccu.edu.tw State University of New York at Albany, Ph.D. in Criminal Justice. Juvenile Delinquency, Criminal Justice, Criminology, Quantitative Analysis
Yueh-Chung Ma Associate Professor crmycm@ccu.edu.tw University of Tuebingen, Germany, Doctor in Law Criminal Law Criminal, Pressure Law, Money Laundering Criminal Law
Chiao-Yun Chen Associate Professor crmcyc@ccu.edu.tw National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan. Ph.D. in Neuroscience Neuroscience, Criminal Biology, Clinical Assessment for Criminals
Hsien-Huei Chiou Associate Professor crmhhc@ccu.edu.tw National Taiwan Normal University, Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology Multicultural Counseling, Correctional Counseling, Consultation