Prospective Students

Degree/ Requirements Core Courses (required) Credits Elective Courses Credits Required Credits for Graduation tde Admission Processes (number of students admitted)
Bachelor 41 91 132 Through Star Project (4)
Through Application (12)
Through Entry Exam(18)
Master 12 20 32 Through Application (8)
Through Entry Exam (11)
Ph.D 12 24 36 Through Application (0)
Through Entry Exam (7)
  • Future Practical Jobs: After passing civil servant exams or special exams for judicial personnel, our graduates may serve as prison officers, probation/parole officers, assistant prosecutors, investigators, police officers, social workers, high school teachers/counselors, etc.
  • Future Academic studies:Our graduates can pursue higher degrees (Master and Ph. D) in academic areas, include criminology & criminal justice, anthropology, neuro-science, counseling or clinical psychology, social work & guidance, law, psychiatry etc.

How to apply: