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Announcement from CCU Epidemic Prevention Team20210519

【Announcement from CCU Epidemic Prevention Team_2021/05/19】

Dear students, faculty & staff members at CCU:

    On May 19, CECC raises epidemic warning to Level 3 nationwide from May 19 to May 28. Per standard requirements under Level 3 COVID-19 Alert, in order to ensure the safety of all students, faculty and staff members, several epidemic prevention measures will be implemented immediately. All units of CCU need to closely follow the following instructions:


1.All classes at CCU will be switched to online teaching. If it is difficult for certain courses to switch to online teaching, such as lab courses, practical training classes, PE classes, etc., teachers can temporarily postpone these classes and plan on making up for these postponed lectures when teachers are ready to teach online or when further announcement or change allows lectures to be held in the face-to-face mode.

2.Lab courses will be switched to online teaching / distance learning or other teaching modes without face-to-face mode. If it is difficult for these courses to switch to online teaching, student necessary need to conduct an experiment, teacher should evaluate the the necessity of conducting an experiment and the safety of student, ensure the epidemic prevention measures of lab will be implemented. And students’ willingness should be respected.

3.All people who will participate in oral defense for master degrees, Ph.D. degrees, must wear a mask at all time, keep a safe distance and record your name and presence. These exams can also be conducted by video conference, subject to compliance with related regulations and rules published by CCU Office of Academic Affairs.

4.Relate to Manpower Utilization and work space, the epidemic prevention measures as follow:

(1) Starting from May.24 until June.8, remote work - office partition will be implemented. All units are requested to fill in the "Division and Remote Office Report" after being checked and scanned by the supervisor of the first-level units before 12 pm May.21. And send it to the CCU Personnel Office with the electronic file (University-level Research Centers should also provide such list to the Research and Development Office, while College-level Research Centers should also provide such list to their affiliated college). CCU Personnel Office will announce a list of names on CCU official website and CCU Personnel Office website and until further announcement or change to be made. Between May.24 and June.8, staffs of each partition need to keep a safe distance . If it is necessary to convene a meeting, can also be conducted by video conference, etc.

(2) CCU faculity and staffs who have been to Taipei/New Taipei City, you are allowed to apply for leave, in accordance with provisions for various types and ranks of personnel or work from home. First-level units can work from home but shall maintain at least two-third of total staff members, according to CCU's Manpower Utilization and Contingency Plans for Office Premises.

(3) All units are requested to the dynamic employee management. Ensure the implement of official work and contacts have not mistakes (advise each units could establish a group in social media).

(4) The emergency and important cases of each unit should be backed up and stored separately. Official work should be used information appliance and communications equipment.

5.All kinds of activities of student associations should also be conducted in accordance with the COVID-19 Alert Level 3 SOPs. Indoor gatherings of more than 5 persons or outdoor gatherings of more than 10 persons are not permitted. CCU strongly advise students not to go to campus (staying in their dorm/off-campus housing) and only go out when necessary. Activity center and performance hall and venue managed by the Office of General Affairs will not be rented.

6.CCU launches a series of prevention mechanism. All persons entering CCU need to present their IDs and record their names and presence, subject to temperature measurement for clearance, wear masks, and keep a safe distance.

7.The physical education center (including the golf course, outdoor facilities) will be closed and will not be rent; CCU library will be closed, just for borrow and return books, all non-CCU affiliated persons are not allowed to enter CCU library.

8.The counseling center will continues with student who need to keep close counseling, and consultation services for psychiatrists, the other new cases will be suspended. If you have any questions, please contact the counseling center (Ext. 17501).

9.Under epidemic warning to Level 3 nationwide, CCU strongly advises faculty and staff members as well as students only go out when necessary. If several epidemic prevention measures would be modified, further announcements will be change to made.

10. Last but not least, wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, keep social distance with others, and pay attention to whether you have fever, respiratory symptoms, diarrhea, abnormal smell and taste and other suspected symptoms when you go out. If you have suspected symptoms, you should wear a medical mask, go to the nearby community hospital for medical treatment as soon as possible, and you should not take public transportation, and immediately report to the Health Center or Division of Student Safety (the security group 12345, 24-hour notification Special line 2721114); When seeking medical treatment, you should actively inform the contact history, travel history, occupational exposure and whether other people around you have similar symptoms; you should also wear a medical mask after returning home to avoid going out.

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