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Future Direction

Future Directions

  1. Crime is a complex problem in human society, so tackling crime problem is by no means an easy task.
  2. The department has to keep pace with the most current development of scientific knowledge to make better education and produce deeper research so as to launch better prevention policy and program for the safety of the society.
  3. The department will continue to improve the structure of curriculum and the quality of education for future criminal justice practitioners.
  4. The department will also strengthen the integration with practice and the connection with international partners, including academic units of related fields from the universities of European countries, American Countries, Australia, well as Asian Countries or regions.


Career Prospects for Graduates

  • Working in the Fields:

After passing civil servant exams or special exams for judicial personnel, our graduates may serve as prison officers, probation/parole officers, assistant prosecutors, investigators, police officers, social workers, high school teachers/counselors, etc.

  • Working in Academic Areas:

Our graduates can pursue higher degrees (Master and Ph. D) in academic areas, include criminology & criminal justice, anthropology, neuro-science, counseling or clinical psychology, social work & guidance, law, psychiatry etc.