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Announcement from CCU Epidemic Prevention Team 20210524

【Announcement from CCU Epidemic Prevention Team_2021/05/24】
CCU food courts and restaurants will be prohibited from offering dine-in services

1. The Chiayi County Government announced: Starting from May 24 until May 28, restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, hypermarket, chain stores, markets, shopping area or other similar places that provide dine-in are prohibited for dine-in. Students who obstruct epidemic prevention measures can be fined up to 300.000 NTD

2. The Chiayi City Government announced that prohibit from offering dine-in services , please take away or deliver it.

3. Starting from May 24 until June 8, all selling points, dining areas, and supermarkets at CCU will not be offered dine-in services. It’s provided take-out only.and record student names and presence. Students must wear a mask at all time and places when you leave your room.
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