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2021 RUC International Summer School

2021 RUC International Summer School

The RUC International Summer School (ISS) has drawn wide attention both at home and abroad since its launching in 2009. In recent years, RUC ISS welcomes around 500 international students, 3000 RUC students, and over 100 faculty members from home and abroad every July. Considering the ongoing situation of COVID-19, 2021 ISS will be held online from June 28 th to July 23 rd . Students from RUC partner universities and Confucius Institutes are welcomed to join us online in 2021 RUC International Summer School!

2021 RUC ISS will last from June 28 th to July 23 rd . The end time of your ISS may vary according to the timetables of courses you select.

Time and Website for Registration and Course Selection:
1. Time: May 17 th -June 1 st.
2. Website: http://jw.ruc.edu.cn/Minjw/#/student-login

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.
Address: Academic Affairs Office, Room 603, Chongde East Building, Renmin University of China, 59 Zhongguancun Street, Beijing, China.
Post Code: 100872
Tel: 0086-10-62511150
E-mail: ruc_iss@ruc.edu.cn

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